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Introducing the all-new Houdini – a revolutionary, new way to clean. The patented, high-power scrubbing technology deep-cleans dirt, dust and grime like, well, magic.

With 4X more cleaning power than the competition and effortless one-finger forward-drive action, you can clean almost any surface in less time, with less effort. It’s a clean you’ve never seen before!

  • Deep clean all floor types – clean virtually any surface including hardwood, stone, cement, tile, terrazo, bamboo – even carpet and fine rugs!
  • Lithium battery powered – cord free and provides up to 2 hours of run time.
  • 4X more powerful – vibrates at an incredible 4,000 RPM to maximize absorption – that’s 4 times more than any other residential motor mop!
  • Patented forward-drive action – glides effortlessly forward with one finger and steers like a dream.
  • Lays flat – Easily clean under furniture and hard to reach places.
  • Wide-path footprint – the 17” powerhead offers the widest cleaning path on the market.
  • Maximum cleaning and sanitizing – uses Cymatic technology to maximize microfiber absorption and cleaning, removing up to 99.99% of germs!
  • On-edge power cleaning – the oversized mop head and on-edge cleaning side grip work great for cleaning scuffs, spots, grout and baseboards.
  • Wrap-around Velcro – secures the oversized mop head to the cleaning plate for on-edge and baseboard cleaning.
  • Super-absorbant mop head – holds an amazing 17 oz. of fluid with ease.
  • Fast head-swap – swapping out the mop head is simple, fast and clean. To refresh, just remove the head and throw it in the washing machine.
  • No tank or sprayer – tank-less, sprayer-less system means no messy tank to fill, empty or clean and no sprayer to clog or break.
  • Quick-adjust telescoping tube – quickly shorten the handle tube to easily clean tight spaces and surfaces like stairs and furniture.
  • Maintenance-free – no tedious cleaning or general upkeep required.
  • Simple one-button operation – no complicated settings, only one simple on/off button.
  • Worry-free warranty – includes a one-year warranty.
  • Designed in the USA by professional cleaners.

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